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Home Education

We are now running a class specifically for home education children. The class is Monday 11.15am for 45 minutes for 4-12 year olds. Book online £18.

4-5 year olds can attend our pre-school drop in session beforehand 9.30-11am for a reduced rate of £2.50 extra.

Due to the new GDPR rules, from June 1st, ALL participants in structured Gymnastics classes at Robin Hood Gymnastics must have British Gymnastics membership AND Robin Hood Membership.

From June 1st 2018, we will no longer be offering ‘drop in/pay as you go’ for our structured gymnastics classes.  Payments for all Robin Hood classes will now only be taken via Direct Debit via the online membership management and payment system (powered by PaySubsOnline.com.  Payments for classes will be taken on the 20th of each month for an advanced payment of the following month.  New members will receive an email to let them know when they can start on a class. 

The new classes will be available from May 1st onwards – please see the timetable. Go to: http://www.robinhoodgymnastics.co.uk/activities/

All gymnasts must also be members of Robin Hood Gymnastics. This includes a Bronze membership with British Gymnastics, which covers all insurance. 

By registering to our online membership and payment system for classes you are also pre-authorising payment for the Robin Hood Gymnastics membership. Robin Hood Gymnastics membership is due on 1st October every year and is £40. The money for your membership will be taken with the first monthly instalment you make for classes.  We offer a sliding scale for Robin Hood membership after April 1st

1st April – May 31st £25

June 1st – August 31st £18

You must also activate your membership with British Gymnastics via a new section of the British Gymnastics Website. This step is mandatory as it activates the BG Membership benefits which include the gymnasts insurance. This should be done as soon as your payment for Robin Hood membership has been made. 

Please go to: https://register.british-gymnastics.org/gymnet/register/registerstart

Please download the form, print, fill in and bring on your arrival for your first session. Thank You.

* Please see handbook and policies for further details.

If you want to register additional siblings you can do this by clicking on ‘Submit and add additional members’ at the bottom of the form, you will need to complete a form for each child but only one Direct Debit Mandate per family.

You may join as many classes as you wish. We have limited availability for our classes and will only accept on a first come first serve basis.

Please note Robin Hood GC should be given one months notice of any cancellation of fees (for recreational or squad monthly fees and membership). It is up-to the member to cancel there own direct debits with paysubsonline and put the notice in writing to info@robinhoodgymnastics.co.uk