Desciption of Squads

Robin Hood has now established a competitive program that caters for all ages and abilities and in 3 disciplines of gymnastics.

There are 10 Squads.

  1. Elementary Squad for children aged 3-5 years, some gymnasts in this group will train once a week and some will train 2 or 3 times depending on their developmental stage.
  2. Development 1 Squad,  aged 5-7yrs for gymnasts doing 2-3 times a week and starting on the path to competition.
  3. Development 2 Squad, aged 8-11yrs for gymnasts doing twice a week training and starting to compete.
  4. Junior 1 Squad, aged 5-7yrs for gymnasts at a slightly more advanced level then the D1 .
  5. Junior 2 Squad, aged 9-13yrsfor gymnast already on the competitive route and working more advanced skills.
  6. Elite Squad, aged 8-16yrs for gymnasts who are shoeing the potential to compete on the national compulsory route with a target of County, Regional and National representation.
  7. Teen Gym/Team tumble, aged 9-16 yrs, for gymnasts who want to concentrate on floor and vault, dance and tumble work and possible compete in a team situation.
  8. Bronze Squad, this group is for gymnasts aged 9-15, who have passed or almost passed the BG proficiency awards and are working on Bronze to Gold awards.
  9. Boys 1, for younger boys aged 5-7yrs who wish to prepare for competitions.
  10. Boys 2, for boys aged 7-12yrs who wish to compete mainly in floor and vault competitions.

We also have a new Rhythmic Squad currently under development.

We will regularly assess the gymnasts  to make sure they are all in the squads  that match their developmental stage.

These squads  will be a maximum of 12 gymnasts and will train between 3 and 20 hours a week at various times. The squads will pay monthly arrears by standing order, the monthly fee is set for the 6 months and is not returnable. All gymnasts in these squads MUST become Robin Hood Gymnastics Club Members and the fee for their membership is £65 for the year. This must be paid every year by September 1st to secure your place in the squad. Any late payments with regard to monthly fees, yearly memberships or affiliations, competitions or other requested payments for services rendered will be charged and administration fee of £5.

If at any time the gymnasts feel the squad is not for them they will be able to immediately return to the recreational classes and their standing order cancelled. We are also running classes for boys and girl aged 11+ that wish to do extra floor and tumble work. This group is called teen tumble and can be selected or gymnasts can opt to take these classes as an extra drop in class.

Please note Robin Hood GC should be given one months notice of any cancellation of fees (for recreational or squad monthly fees and membership). It is up-to the member to cancel there own direct debits with paysubsonline and put the notice in writing to